Interns Wanted For Startup Journey

Honor & Recognition In Event Of Success


BootstrapVT is a full stack marketing firm. Founded in 2015 by veteran entrepreneur, Geoff Strawbridge, BootstrapVT provides 21st century marketing services such as content marketing, social media management, SEO/SEM (Organic, Paid Search), email marketing, Amazon & Ecom, top of funnel paid campaigns, customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization and marketing strategy.


We are seeking brave interns for a hazardous journey. Think: Ernest Shackleton and his infamous ad. This internship will focus on business, communications and design. At BootstrapVT, interns are treated like full-time hires and are expected to contribute and make an impact. Our internship program is all about continued learning and hands-on experience with real client and internal work.


In this role, you will:

  • Plan and publish weekly posts across selected clients and their social channels, updating the content calendar and various platforms
  • Create posts for internal BootstrapVT lead generation purposes that tie to any relevant events, blogs and recruiting.
  • Create all images and/or photography needed for marketing purposes.
  • Create email marketing campaigns for selected clients with a focus on ecommerce
  • Track progress with analytics, KPIs dedicated to digital marketing and report out on results
  • Capture and tell the story of our clients brand and culture in a visually attractive way.



Not every student wants to work hard, crank out digital marketing and learn a ton of valuable shit at a startup agency. Did I mention this is a paid($) internship? Yep, it is.


Still interested?


Then I want to hear from you. Click on the button below. Fill out a simple form and I’ll be in touch. Feel free to email me if you are so inclined: geoff-at-bootstrapvt-dot-com.

Ask Me About The Internship

Social Media Management

We’ll create an entire series of social posts, pictures and stories which reveal your brand, your business and what makes you special. We can do this daily, weekly, a few times a month

Attract More Customers

We’ve been using the newer Advertising platforms on Facebook, Twitter and even Promoted Pins on Pinterest. We’re ramped up and understand the in’s and out’s so you don’t have to

Drive to Store

We understand retailers and small businesses. If you need help driving more foot traffic to your store, we’ve learned a few things over the years.


Instagram, Facebook, Email, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus—all have different requirement for creative pieces. We know the right combination of images, text, links, call-to-action buttons for the various networks.

Tell us what you need. We’ll listen.