Vermont Marketing Meetup #2

Thurs, May 30th @ Karma Birdhouse


Join us! We like meeting other creative professionals in our brave little state of Vermont. This meetup will be a simple gathering of creatives, creators, business people, marketers, makers, artists and like-minded people like you! 



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What is the Vermont Marketing Meetup?

We believe Vermont has a nascent (but) thriving ecosystem of startups, creatives, founders, creators, artists, makers, marketers and all manner of professionals. HOWEVER. Since COVID and beyond, we have not been networking as much. We all exist in a bubble, in our own small network of friends. And now we need to get outside the building, meet new people, collaborate and create with new partners. This is where Vermont Marketing Meetup comes in.


We want you to meet new collaborators. Find your next cofounder. Find your next client. Build your next brand. We want you to think differently (an esteemed colleague wants you to become an honorary member of the “Head Stretchers Society“).


This is a decidedly human-scale effort. Meet other humans. In person. Make new professional friends and colleagues. Be civil, be friendly and stay curious!


Welcome to the VMM, we’re glad you are here.

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