Building a Path to Success


Marketing your business today is more complicated than in the past. We live in a post-pandemic world where digital marketing is everything. And, it is not easy. Just look at the collection of digital platforms available: Mailchimp, Facebook,  Instagram, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap, TikTok, Linkedin, Google Ads, WordPress,  and the list goes on. BootstrapVT will work with you to set your own digital strategy. We will help you navigate the dizzying array of tech tools to select the ones which work and ignore those which are a passing fad. With 30 years of combined business experience, we have a range of proven experience. Not sure, just ask us.

Setting a Digital Strategy


Digital Strategy is really just understanding your business and the customers who drive your business. We work with you to find your unique audience and then identify how you can generate leads, increase awareness and communicate your product or service.  We’ll identify the digital channels where your customers spend time online. Hint: they probably use Google Search, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Email.

Ask Me About Digital Strategy
Google Analytics is a core measurement tool for any business. We use it heavily with BootstrapVT

Virtual Marketing Team

We have 20 + years of digital marketing experience. From launching websites to building apps to scaling platforms, we have literally done it all.

Personalized Support

We’re a bunch of smart, dedicated humans here in Vermont. We care about you and your business. We will always have time & be available to answer your questions.


The purpose of a digital strategy is to guide your team AND generate revenue for your business. We know what it is like to turn around a company. Your goals are our goals.

Your Secret Weapon

We’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to run your own marketing team. We want to be an asset, providing help wherever (ie. your secret weapon).

Tell us what you need. We’ll listen.