Email is Core


Now more than ever, we believe email marketing should be a core channel for your business growth. We understand the importance of email marketing for customer communication, newsletter content creation, audience building, lead-generation and ongoing customer loyalty. Through the use of email service providers (platforms such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, AWeber, ConvertKit), we can engage past, present and future customers. We start with a content marketing strategy, then identify both the automated and custom messages to your audiences. This can be done not only by offering promotions and offers, but by sending team updates, monthly newsletters, simple thank-you’s as well as abandon carts and seasonal promotions.  From increasing traffic and conversions, to communicating the brand and earning your customer’s attention, email gets the job done.

A Top Performing Channel


Email is one of the better performing channels. Email marketing consistently leads to some of the highest conversion rates compared to any other marketing tool. Through the use of email, we can send recipes, company updates, new incentives, newsletters—all of which drive engagement. Our dynamic email marketing campaigns generate a significant amount of traffic and conversion and we have the data to back it up. One single email blast can produce thousands of dollars in revenue in just hours. Simple. Practical. Effective.

We Do All the Heavy-Lifting




You give us the idea and we will do all the work, designing, writing, scheduling and launching. Email blasts can seem like a lot of work but with BootstrapVT, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and you will see the results. By taking your vision and ideas, we put together emails that cater exactly to your needs. We’re focused on performance metrics such as Open Rate,  Clicks, Orders, Avg Order Value, Total Revenue and so on. Curious as to how we can help you drive more revenue from email, just ask us.

Ask Me About Email Marketing

Instagram Live

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes video over static images. Instagram Live (and) Instagram Stories are seen by 500M people every day. We’ll help you up your Instagram game.

Social Strategy

We will help you set a social strategy–to build your audience, increase engagement and create loyal followers and customers.

Facebook Catalog

Facebook is still a very relevant social channel. We spend our days optimizing ecommerce (for Facebook). The Facebook Catalog manager is an important tool for ecommerce-driven companies.

Instagram Checkout

Instagram commerce is a thing. We are used to “tagging products” but now Instagram will be offering their own ecom checkout. Shopify and all the major platforms will plug into this new platform.

Tell us what you need. We’ll listen.