Why Vermont

Why Vermont

Here’s the story of BootstrapVT….

Vermont is a state which holds a special place in our lives.  My wife, Jill, was born and raised in Vermont.  While living in Boston, we chose to be married here (Stowe).  And more recently we moved to Shelburne.

Over the years, we’ve had an ongoing conversation about Vermont and it’s independent inhabitants – Vermont products (“Made in Vermont”), Vermont businesses, its agricultural practices, natural resources, lakes, mountains, trails, and the overall living brand which is Vermont.

It’s an incredible place with a lot going on.

At the same time, Jill and I lament the lack of awareness in regards to Vermont’s business activity.

We figured it’s time to uncover and share the multitude of stories surrounding the state. My own bias is towards technology. I’ve spent 15+ years building internet businesses, launching products, tinkering with tech, so I originally wanted to focus on web/mobile/social tech. Jill, with an extensive background in training, development and human resources, recognizes the value of the of bringing good people together.  We both realize, if you dig deeper, the more you find interesting people and companies adding their own ingenuity to the Vermont landscape.  We are committed to digging deep, sharing and connecting.

In order to guide out inquiry into the state of Vermont businesses, we needed a set of guiding principles. A manifesto of sorts. Here’s what we think

  • We believe Vermont is a state which values hard work and self-reliance
  • We believe Vermonters are entrepreneurial by nature and have an inexhaustible (renewable & sustainable) supply of creativity
  • We believe there is innovation all around us, you just have to uncover it
  • Vermont industry is diverse and it’s businesses include technology, manufacturing, agriculture, biotech, greentech, finance, and even IP law.
  • We know revealing the spirited initiative and independence unique to Vermont entrepreneurship sparks us all

We will dig deep into the companies, startups, individuals and existing businesses here in the state.  We’ll share our stories, interviews and even opinions. We will help each and every company to grow and thrive in the 21st century.

Welcome to BootstrapVT.


– Geoff & Jill

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