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Discovering Food Differently


Localvore Passport, based in Burlington, VT,  started as Localvore.Co, a website connecting Burlington’s food lovers to restaurants and farmers that care about great food just as much as they do. Seeing the potential in taking such an informative platform mobile, founders Dan White and Michael Nedell created the Localvore Passport app – which offers an added twist to their website. The consumer-based app helps locals and tourists alike discover food differently.


Localvore Passport focuses on providing its subscribers over 100+ different offers to redeem at a variety of restaurants, food trucks, spas, boutiques, and other local experiences. With some of their partners being Switchback Brewing Company, Zero Gravity Brewery and local picks like A Single Pebble and Pizzeria Verita. Subscribers can redeem offers at their favorite spots while also discovering new go-to’s. Localvore Passport has recently launched in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota in addition to the greater Burlington area. 


Localvore was created with both consumers and producers of food in mind which is why Localvore Passport donates a dollar of every sale to support local causes and charities like the Vermont Fresh Network, Vermont Works for Women, and others.

UVM Takeover: Garnering the Student Market


Localvore is a perfect fit for Burlington’s foodie scene. And better yet, Burlington’s large college population. Localvore wanted to reach a younger student audience, so we developed a “takeover” campaign targeted towards the student population at the University of Vermont (UVM). 


To increase downloads and paying subscribers, we took an omni-channel approach (offline, online, everywhere):


  • Designed branded posters with a unique Snapcode (custom link via QR code)
  • Created a digital campaign on Instagram, Facebook 
  • Booked a table at the “Community Fest” event on campus
  • Established a UVM street team 
  • Incentivized students with a hyper-local Food Truck offer (in the Localvore app)


The street team was tasked with flyer-dumping of first-year dorms and postering high traffic areas at central hubs around campus. With all of the BootstrapVT efforts leading up to UVM’s Community Fest – a day where local businesses are invited to interact with students and promote themselves.  Farmers and Foragers, a student loved food truck, offered an amazing deal to incentivize activations on the day of Community Fest, in addition to our offering of a student-discount code for back-to-school. 

Offline, Online & Everything in Between


(Why Face to Face Conversations Aren’t Dead )


Within the week and following weeks of Community Fest, the street team activated 75+ new customers and contributed to over 140 app downloads. Through the shaking of hands and countless conversations with eager students, Localvore was able to quickly establish a presence on a 12,000 person campus within the week. The digital ads and outreach were important, however a significant difference was observed when the street team (consisting of Localvore Passport lovers from BootstrapVT and Localvore) came to UVM. With this street team and partnership model in mind, Localvore will be able to apply this strategy to the University of Minnesota for campus launch next fall. Never underestimate the power of human connection even in the digital world.


  • 43% of all September app downloads occurred within the week of Community Fest

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